Aqua Spas is your go-to destination for top-of-the-line Jacuzzis, covers, wood fire hot tubs, and parts. Our online store has everything you need to create the perfect spa experience in the comfort of your own backyard. 

    ice baths serve as a powerful tool in the realm of recovery and wellness, offering a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for both body and mind.
  • Locally Made

    We specialize in high-quality Wood Fired Hot Tubs for your outdoor living experience. Our top-of-the-line hot tubs offer comfort and durability using state-of-the-art materials and technology.

    Walk in Bath systems specifically designed for the elderly or for people with mobility limitations. Ultra safe and convenient. these tubs allow users to be more independent and still enjoy the luxury and relaxation that hydrotherapy provides.


Our Jacuzzis are made from the highest-quality materials and feature state-of-the-art technology, providing you with years of enjoyment. Each Jacuzzi is designed with comfort, style, and durability in mind, and will fit into any home and budget. 

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Our Woodfire hot tubs are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity. They also have features such as built-in seating and hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing and invigorating experience. 

Walk In Bath Tubs

Our walk in bath tub boasts safety and luxury. Promoting independence and access to life improving hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own bathroom. Easy to use, compact and modern, let us introduce our brand new range of walk in Jacuzzi bath tubs.

Ice Baths

This is a refreshing plunge into cold water with a multitude of benefits for mind and body. Whether you’re an athlete looking to speed up recovery, or seeking an invigorating way to boost energy and resilience, the ice bath offers a rejuvenating experience. 

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elzanne visser
elzanne visser
Pleasantly surprised with Aqua Spas, Outstanding service from Rochelle! Highly recommended for their lightning-fast response, accuracy, and deep product knowledge. They consistently go the extra mile. Thank you for the exceptional experience!"
Lionel Lifer
Lionel Lifer
From the request for information/quote till delivery the response was top notch. I was updated on the progress from the factory. Delivery date was on schedule. Highly recommend this company.
Ronel Terhoven
Ronel Terhoven
I had some challenges with installation but the support was phenomenal.I want to suggest that you insert an installation video/link especially for customers that is based far.
Rugshana Harris
Rugshana Harris
They made the impossible, possible! I ordered a jacuzzi with a ridiculous turnaround timeline. The customer service is excellent, kept me up to date every step of the way! Best experience I received.
Vanessa Du Plessis
Vanessa Du Plessis
Very professional, supportive and reliable company. We are happy to recommend their product, from team Fransvliet Estate
Johnny Engelbrecht
Johnny Engelbrecht
What is good customer service? Good customer service means consistently meeting customers' expectations and this is what was delivered to me by Aque Spa. The xtra mile , long hours delivering on time was tailored made and served my needs. Service was outstanding by their sales representative, quick personalized and empathetic too the little bugs that crept in. KEEP IT UP 👍👍
Lizet Louw
Lizet Louw
Aqua Spas gave excellent service to me. Their after sales service is also great. I can definitely recommend them if you’re looking into getting a jacuzzi.
Very friendly staff and always keep you informed. Jacuzzi works fantastic and is exactly what I expected. Will always recommend Aqua Spas in the future!!

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