One out of every three people over 65 has a fall every year.
Regain your independence with our all new walk in bath tubs.


Our mission is to bring a revolutionary new product to the market that could significantly reduce the amount of falls and injuries in the bathroom. Our walk in bath tub boasts safety and luxury. Promoting independence and access to life improving hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own bathroom. Easy to use, compact and modern, let us introduce our brand new range of walk in Jacuzzi bath tubs.

Key Design Features

Front or Side Door

Prevents slipping on entry and exit due to the low entry. By simply stepping in or out, you lower the risk of loosing your balance or slipping.

Front Support Handles

Easily lift or balance yourself with the support handles located on the front of the bath.

Body Massage Jets

The tub is fully equipped with massage jets to help you relax an enjoy all the benefits of a Jacuzzi.

Personal Hygiene Seat

Conveniently and practically designed, allowing users to easily reach and clean themselves,  promoting independence and dignity.

Simple Door Lock

Easy to use door lock function opens and closes without hassle.

Emergency Drainage

The emergency chain is designed as a back up failsafe method to ensure water can be drained and the door can be opened.

Aqua Walk In Tub


Specifications & Information

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Jumbo Elite Walk In Tub


The Benefits of the Walk in Tub

Inner Door Design

This walk-in bathtub with a convenient and practical design concept. The door is designed to

open inward. When the door is opened, it will not occupy any space around the bathtub. This allows the tub to be accommodated in smaller bathrooms as well as larger ones.

Built in Seats

There is a seat in the bathtub, which makes bathing more comfortable. This feature is specially geared towards pregnant women and the elderly as one does not need to lie down in order to use the tub. The ergonomically designed seat height makes you more comfortable when sitting and makes it easier to stand up when exiting the tub.

Bath Depth of Meter

You are able to enjoy the benefits and relaxation of a Jacuzzi tub while being seated.

Ultra-Low Step In Design

The ultra-low threshold of this product, with a height of 100MM, is more convenient for users to come and go. Especially for the elderly and people with limited mobility.


The non-slip design on the bottom of the bathtub and the seat makes your use safer and effectively prevents falling or slipping. The non-slip particles are small, smooth and offer no discomfort.

Multiple Hand Rails

Multiple hand rails allow people with mobility limitations to move more freely within, entering and exiting the tub. 

Repair Window

The repair window in the front of the tub allows for easy access to the water and electrical components, this allows for easy repair and maintenance. 

Water Seepage Nozzle

This allows for excess water that has accumulated within the door frame to drain naturally and without effort. 

Emergency Drain

The emergency drainage system is a chain that is connected to the outlet and allows for quick open and closing of the drain to allow water to escape and the door to be opened.

Intimate Groove Design

This groove is designed to allow the bather to reach and clean themselves independently. 

Multi Sized Design

The Walk in Tub is available in various sizes and configurations making it suitable for different bathroom layouts and designs. 

Excellent Quality

The bathtub body is made of a 100% pure acrylic sheet. The product has a long service life,

Light weight, does not change shape or colour. Non foaming, non-toxic and no smell. Convenient maintenance and easy to clean.

The configuration of this bathtub is very complete, including hydromassage, bubble
massage, constant temperature heating, lamp ring, underwater lamp, computer control panel,
ozone disinfection, aromatherapy, thermostatic faucet and other functions.

Your health, safety and comfort are our top priorities. A walk-in bathtub from Aqua Spas can
make a major positive difference in your life every single day.


Installation Benefits

Half the size of a standard bathtub

Easy to Install

Convenient & easy to clean